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C 40,000 liters
    • C 40,000 liters
Product Information

Ampute Mobile Fueling Station
I. Brief Introduction
AMPUTE Mobile Fuel Station series products (hereinafter as APT) possesses own intellectual property rights.

APT is an aboveground refueling device integrated explosion-proof oil storage tank, dispenser, unloading system, oil vapor recovery system and fire safety control system in the whole body. It features economy, practicality, safety, explosion-proof, environmental protection, energy saving and removability. It is a hi-tech product with complete functions of small and middle filling stations.

The design, manufacture, installation and operation of APT conform to the regulations specified in GB50156-2002:Design and construction criterion of automobile gasoline/gas filling stationand
AQ3002-2005: Technical requirements of explosion-proof gasoline/gas filling device.APT also utilize international relative advanced technology.

II. Functions
Fuel storage: customer can store a specified volume of fuel for supply turnover.
Fuel measurement: can realize the measurement of fuel unloading, fuel filling by different means.
Fuel re-filling(chosen and configured by customer): may be used for emergent fuel distribution business. 
Discharge residue fuel in storage tank: may discharge residual liquid at closed condition at any time and guarantee the quality of fuel.

III. Technical Characteristics
1.Safety and explosion protection: the double-wall storage tank is filled with explosion proof materials conformed to national standard. If there is any accident like open fire, static electricity, detonation or lightning stroke, the explosion and casualties won't happen. Meanwhile it has automatic alarm & control system which can catch abnormal condition in time and carry out emergency treatment.   

2.Energy saving and emission reduction: the device is equipped with oil vapor recovery system that can restrain and reduce fuel volatilization as well as reduce pollution to atmosphere environment.  

3.Environmental protection: the device is equipped with oil vapor leakage monitoring system. If there is oil vapor leakage, the alarms start, the pollution of soil and underground water source can be avoided.

4.Eliminate static electricity: during the period of fuel loading and unloading, the produced and accumulated static electricity can be eliminated in time and the production of spark can be avoided. It benefits safety in use.

5.Flexible customization: according to the demands of customers, APT can be divided into one,two,three or four compartments for different fuels. 

6.Various appearances: the appearance can be designed individually in accordance with the physiognomy of working conditions and meet the demands of propaganda of enterprises.

7.Short construct cycle: the shortest time to build a station is one day, the longest is one week, with lower running costs, investible funds could be quickly returned.

8.Cost effective: with low running costs and small floor space, it can be removed freely.

9.Convenient installation: APT can be hoisted integrally and be positioned in one time. The installation is trouble saving, simple and convenient.

10.Convenient clean and simple maintenance

11.Easy mobility:APT can be moved from one spot to another spot quickly and easily.

IV. Application
Ampute Mobile fuel station could be put in residential area with dense population, airports, seaports, construction and freight yards, bus parking, expressway, exhibition center, countryside with a low density of traditional filling station, also could be used for security forces-the army and police(provision of fuel in crisis areas) as well as emergency energy supply like hurricanes, flood, earthquake, etc.

V. Multiple Optional Configurations
Operating room, generator,monitoring system,heating system and Stage II Vapor Recovery System are available to choose.

Specifications sheet:







Double-wall tank

In 6mm-10mm mild steel




The buyer should make foundation according to our requirements



Refueling machine


One nozzle or two nozzles

Velocity of flow:60L/min

Power:AC220V or AC380V

The minimum detectable limit:5L


Import vacuum:54KPa

Suitable medium: gasoline, diesel

Ambient temperature:-40~+55

Relative humidity90%

1 or 2


discharge pump


Flow rate:35m3/h


Nominal pressue:0.2MPa

Motor power:5.5kW



Level instrument


Part I: LCD

Rated voltage: AC 220V 50HZ
  Explosion-proof grade:ExdIIBT4

Protection grade:IP54

Part II: Magnetostrictive probe

Liquid surface accuracy:±0.5mm

Temperature accuracy:±0.2


Repeatability and accuracy:±0.1mm

Explosion-proof grade:ExdIIBT4

Ambient temperature:-40℃~70

Minimum blind area oil level:100mm

Minimum blind area water level:15mm

Probe length: 0.63.5m

Communication mode: RS-485

Power supply mode:+2426VDC

Protection grade:IP68

Maximum communication distance: 1200m


Wiring requirement :4 core shielding wire



Vapor leakage detector


Working   voltage:AC220V/50Hz DC24V,sound and light alarm display

,LED   display screen

Alarm   contacts capacity:220V/3A

Ambient temperature: 0~50,

Inspection   range: 0~100%LEL
  Explosion-proof grade: ExdIICT6



Power distribution box

(providing power for lighting system, level instrument and other   electric equipments)

Rated voltage: AC380V/220V 50Hz,DC24V

three-phase five-wire system

Explosion-proof grade :ExedIICT6

Protection grade :IP54



Pipeline system



Automatic fire extinguisher


Automatically work when the ambient temperature reach 68



Manhole(with emergency vent valve, Breather vent valve)

One in each compartment

1 or 2


Lighting system



Stage I Vapor recovery system



Anti-static grounding



Ladder & Guardrail


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