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About Us

Jiangsu Ampute Explosion Prevention Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter as Ampute) was founded in 1996, a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, manufacture and sales of Explosion Proof Materials, Mobile Fuel Station, LNG Filling Station, Thermal Protection Explosion Proof Materials and Methanol Fuel Supply System. 

At present, Ampute has more than 200 employees, the R&D staff and technician occupy 20% of total number of staff. Ampute owns more than 20 sets of specialized testing equipment and more than 130 sets of production equipment. Ampute covers an area of 30, 000 square meters. During the past 3 years, our annual average turnover is over USD 40 million. 

Ampute Mobile Fuel Stations meet the following standards: 

« Technology-separate and explosion-proof of auto gasoline/gas mobile fuel station» AQ3002-2005

Design and construction criteria of auto gasoline/gas filling station/GB50156-2012

Technology criteria of auto gasoline mobile fuel station/recommended standard of petrochemical industry/SH/T3134-2002

Emission standard of atmospheric pollution of mobile fuel station/GB20952-2002

Our proprietary Ampute mobile fuel station, is designed to prevent the fuel/vapor leakage that leads to fire and environmental disasters. A full description of Ampute Station and its salient feature follows: 

Ampute has evolved from years of research and development to become the premier aboveground mobile fuel station. Ampute is designed to prevent liquids overfilling, vapor volatilizing, oil tank exploding- ensuring superior safety, environmental responsibility and unparalleled life cycle value. 

Ampute mobile fuel station can be divided into one, two, three or four compartments for gasoline, diesel, kerosene or biodiesel respectively. Multiform design available according to customers demands and service environment. 

Ampute Mobile fuel station could be put in residential area with dense population, airports, seaports, construction and freight yards, bus parking, expressway, exhibition center, countryside with a low density of traditional filling station, also could be used for security forces-the army and police(provision of fuel in crisis areas) as well as emergency energy supply like hurricanes, flood, earthquake, etc. 

AMPUTE Explosion Prevention Proof Materials relies on special Honeycomb-structured aluminium alloy to provide extraordinary protection from explosive combustion in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids and gases. 

Ampute explosion proof materials could protect the oil tank from explosion caused by open flame, static, welding, shooting and collision. 

AMPUTE special aluminium alloy has been developed to provide rapid thermal conductivity, perfect flexibility, crush strength and superior corrosion resistance. 

AMPUTE possesses own intellectual property rights, this proprietary alloy is then customized in patented equipment to create an extraordinarily lightweight aluminium alloy mesh which, when installed in a fuel tank or other vessel containing flammable liquids or gases, will prevent explosive combustion. 

During the past thirteen years, extensive tests have been carried out and has conclusively demonstrated AMPUTE could prevent explosive combustion in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids, gases and chemicals. 

Ampute explosion proof materials has been widely used in Petroleum and petrochemical industry, the world famous aluminium group from Singapore, Netherland, America, Norway, United Kingdom, etc. 

Ampute will be pleased to show you the Mobile Fuel Station we have installed at airports, seaport, industrial sites and downstream petroleum marketing throughout the world as well as the explosion proof materials and LNG filling station.

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