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1996Test regarding explosion suppression of AMPUTE: Oil tank with AMPUTE could suppress the tank’s explosion effectivelyChangzhou Product Supervision and Test Institute
1996Report on the prevention the vessel containing flammable liquids and gases from explosionExperts from Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau Fire Department
1997Safety Test of containers equipped with AMPUTEJiangsu Province Scientific and Technological Accreditation Team
2007Test results concerning that pressure boost of explosion protection device is less than 0.08MPaState-Certificate Authority,Jiangsu Supervision and Research Institute 
2007Comparison Report: tanks filled with propane vs. AMPUTE filled tanks about explosion suppression performanceState-Certificate Authority, Jiangsu Supervision and Research Institute 
2007Report on the characteristics of high ductility, crush strength,prevention the clogging of oil line, pumps, meters and valves, and prevention the vessel containing flammable liquids and gases from explosionExperts from Light Alloy Research Center, Department of Material Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University
2007Application and promotion prospect of  AMPUTE  explosion prevention technologyJiangsu Province Economic and Trade Bureau
2007Test result concerning  AMPUTE influences on  specifications of gasoline or light diesel oil according to GB252-2000State-Certificate Authority, Changzhou Testing Center Physiochemical Lab
2008Report concerning AMPUTE influences on specifications of jet fuelThe People's Liberation Army Oil Equipment Test Center
2008Ballistic testing of AMPUTE filled oil tanks on military vehicle BJ2022JC after running 5000 kilometers.The People's Liberation Army Nanjing Bullet Test Area
2008Test results concerning fuel swash protection of military tank truck filled of 20 tons of No.93 gasoline and AMPUTEThe People's Liberation Army Navy Test Area
2009Safety test of LNG and LPG bottles equipped with AMPUTEState Civil Explosive Materials Quality Supervision and Test Center
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