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1000 liters fast refueling device
    • 1000 liters fast refueling device
Product Information

Brief Introduction

1.APT Separation and Explosion-proof Fast Filling Device integrates oil tank, simple filling and unloading pipework and a dispenser.
2.The device has advantages of small volume, energy-saving ,explosion-proof, simple operation, convenient migration and cost effective.
3.The device is suitable for logistics, station, wharf, construction site and enterprise use, etc.

Specifications(suitable for diesel, gasoline, kerosene)

Standard Configuration
1.1600 liters of oil tank       1 set
2.Dispenser   1 set
3.Electronic Level Gauge     1 set
4.Breather Valve             1 set
5.Fast Discharge Pipeline     1 set

APT fast filling devides have advantage of portability,easy mobility,high cost-effective,etc.It can be widely used for fuel retail,scenic area,industrial and mining enterprises.

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