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Slim mesh roll
    • Slim mesh roll
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The AMPUTE Explosion Prevention materials (hereinafter as AMPUTE) relies on special Honeycomb-structured aluminium alloy to provide extraordinary protection from explosive combustion in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids and gases. 

The AMPUTE special aluminium alloy has been developed to provide rapid thermal conductivity, perfect flexibility, crush strength and superior corrosion resistance. 

AMPUTE possesses own intellectual property rights, this proprietary alloy is then customized in patented equipment to create an extraordinarily lightweight aluminium alloy mesh which, when installed in a fuel tank or other vessel containing flammable liquids or gases, will prevent explosive combustion. 

During the past thirteen years, extensive tests have been carried out and has conclusively demonstrated AMPUTE could prevent explosive combustion in fuel tanks and other vessels containing flammable liquids, gases and chemicals. 

AMPUTE was used primarily for military and civilian gas station, tank truck and mobile filling station.

AMPUTE relies on thermal conductivity of special aluminium alloy and take advantage of honeycomb structure to separate the rapid spread of flame and instantaneous release of energy, which will prevent explosive combustion and protect the safety of storage and shipment of flammable liquids, gases, chemicals.

The use of AMPUTE to suppress fires and explosions has been successfully demonstrated in liquid fuels and gases. The mesh, as either rolls/sheets or in spherical/ball form, when installed in tanks containing volatile fuels (hydrocarbons or oxygenates), prevents the explosion or detonation of the fuel (especially in gasoline tanks) and greatly reduces hydrodynamic ram effect from ballistic penetrations. Extensive testing has been performed over the last thirteen years by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Oil and Oil Equipment Test Center in Beijing, the State Civil Explosive Materials Quality Test Center in Beijing, Jiangsu Quality Supervision and Test Center in Nanjing and other state authorized organs.

- Prevents the detonation of flammable liquids and gases in containers. 
- Limits and delays spread of fire. 
- Is very cost-effective and can be installed during production or retrofitting. 
- Has no life limit, this means, reliable permanent safety and protection. 
- Only displaces approximately 1 to 2% of the total volume. 
- Has no effect on the flow rate of fuel or gasses. 
- Reduces evaporation of fuel by 65% at 100°F (37.8°C). 
- Is lightweight - 25-35g/l.
- Is indifferent to non-polar chemical compounds. 
- Does not affect the physiochemical properties of the fuel or the fuel tank. 
- Adequately fills all of the available tank space thereby reducing fuel swash by 80%, which reduces the need for tank swash plates, baffle plates, or foam. 


Abstract of test report issued by Chinese People's Liberation Army Oil and Oil Equipment Test Center
Oil sample:No. 90 car gasoline,No.-10 military diesel,No.3 jet fuel.
Vessel:Metal can with epoxy resin coating on the wall,4L.    
Conditions:5000km running test ,four weeks of storage aging test under 43ºC
Test Result:No effect on oil combustion property.
                No effect on oil low temperature property.
                Only slightly affects oil invariability of long time storage,but it is not obvious.                                                           No effect on the generation of active sulfur in oil,namely installing AMPUTE explosion prevention materials                 won't change copper sheet corrosion rate.
                No change on the surface of AMPUTE and no fractured and worn materails in the metal can.  

Raw Materials
Type of materialsAluminium band,blank as rolled ,smooth,expanded
Thickness tolerance±0.005mm
Tensile strength210~220N/mm2
Thermal conductivity155~195W/m*K
SurfaceClean,smooth as rolled
Material thickness 0.065~0.07mm
Specific weight2.73g/cm3
Lifetime30 years
Temperature range-220ºC~550ºC
 Ball Materials
Ball Diameter 20±2mm
Weight 80±2g/l
Loss Of Volume ≤1 %

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